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According to many in June 2014, IATF Tecu?n Uma?n was not being used for the missions it was designed to execute. Interviewees expressed their understanding of IATF Tecu?n Uma?n’s mission as securing the border areas from trafficking and providing security for the population in those areas. Although IATF Tecu?n Uma?n has been participating in operations, its role in the operations has been limited to conducting patrols, running checkpoints, and providing perimeter security for other units responsible for actually executing the operation, such as the SGAIA. This is contrary to what the MOG and MOD leadership advertised in December 2013 as the intent of IATF Tecu?n Uma?n, which was to serve as an autonomous interagency unit capable of planning and executing operations in the border areas. According to many of the soldiers and police attached to IATF Tecu?n Uma?n, this is also how they understood their role and function.
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