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Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY): How can you justify taking boots off the ground in spite of this huge increase in heroin introduction?

R. Gil Kerlikowske, Commissioner, United States Customs and Border Protection: Mr. Chairman, I go back to couple of things. One is that on the heroin issue, the majority of any heroin that we seize is not between the ports of entry, it's smuggled through the ports of entry, whether is in San Isidro or El Paso, or whether is at JFK airport. Heroin seizures almost predominantly are through the port of entry and either carried in a concealed part of a vehicle or carried by an individual. We don´t get much heroin seized by border patrol coming through, I think just because there are a lot of risks to the smugglers and the difficulty of trying to smuggle it through. When I look at the number of Border Patrol agents that we are already down and I look at offsetting—being able to provide additional radio equipment and additional vehicles as a result of using some of that money or the majority of the money to the border patrol. I think it's a decision that will help. We know that technology is better for their safety and it is also better to get them out to be able to patrol.
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